Euoi! Dancing and other trance-inducing techniques

‘Following the torches as they dipped and swayed in the darkness, they climbed mountain paths with head thrown back and eyes glazed, dancing to the beat of the drum which stirred their blood or staggered ...

Apr, 06

Special Eddy.

Special Eddy komt 7 April draaien op WOLFBEATS! en we vroegen hem een paar belangrijke levensvragen. Wie ben je en welke superheld zou je eigenlijk willen zijn? Mijn naam is Special Eddy, maar eigenlijk zou ...

Mar, 19

Je bent zelf een Eagle

Just some Wolbeats inspiration: artpiece by: Luis Garcia Nerey

Feb, 29

Russian fashion inspiration: Suzanne Bisovsky

We just love the Suzanne Bisovsky‘s fashion with her references to traditional Russian clothing. It is all about red roses and flower prints. Based in Vienna, but very her Everlasting collection is very Russian indeed. ...

Feb, 01

The unexplored world of Russian animations

Wow. So glad my Russian friend from school introduced me to this extremely rich and unexplored world of Russian animation. A lot of them were  created during Soviet times. Love this psychadelic one: And this: ...

Feb, 01

Copy Paste: Warhol eats hamburger

In 1981 Andy Warhol ate a hamburger. With extra ketchup. The king of pop art, the art-movement that emphasises popular culture and mass consumption, consumes the ultimate symbol of mass consumption.  He is a big ...

Jan, 04


It’s time for a book review! This one will also get you in the mood for our next London edition party… Picture book ‘New Club Kids‘, about London Party Fashion  is a collection of over ...

Sep, 29


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