Euoi! Dancing and other trance-inducing techniques

‘Following the torches as they dipped and swayed in the darkness, they climbed mountain paths with head thrown back and eyes glazed, dancing to the beat of the drum which stirred their blood or staggered ...

Apr, 06

no subject. Just love. Suzan Geldhoff.

Wij houden van Suzan Geldhoff. De beste fotografe die we ons kunnen wensen. Zij legt precies vast wat wij bedoelen. No subject. Just love… Een compilatie van alle liefde van de afgelopen jaren. Bedankt Suzan ...

Apr, 05

The unexplored world of Russian animations

Wow. So glad my Russian friend from school introduced me to this extremely rich and unexplored world of Russian animation. A lot of them were  created during Soviet times. Love this psychadelic one: And this: ...

Feb, 01


I have love for you if you were born in the eighties? Well I’d rather have fully lived during the era of crazy hair, black pointy bras, acid smileys¬† and handwritten long letters. But let’s ...

Oct, 28


Melancholie is volgens Lars von Trier een emotionele acceptatie van, en verlangen naar lijden en vernietiging. Het beeld is dat van de eenzame wolf die naar de maan jankt; dood kom me maar halen. De ...

Aug, 20

Girls: perfect song for on your roadtrip-to-France-mix-tape

Here’s just a simple, short and happy little pop song about desires. This one would surely do well on your holiday mix tape for when you’re driving through the scapes of France, looking for the ...

Jul, 23

My first paper crane

And probably my last for a while. At least until I’m 67 (by then I will have all the time in the world), I don’t want to know about the art of folding paper cranes. ...

Jun, 29


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