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Euoi! Dancing and other trance-inducing techniques

‘Following the torches as they dipped and swayed in the darkness, they climbed mountain paths with head thrown back and eyes glazed, dancing to the beat of the drum which stirred their blood or staggered drunkenly with what was known as the Dionysus gait. ‘In this state of ekstasis or enthusiasmos, they abandoned themselves, dancing wildly and shouting ‘Euoi!’ (the god’s name) and at that moment of intense rapture became identified with the god himself. They became filled with his spirit and acquired divine powers. (Hoyle, Peter, Delphi, London : Cassell, 1967. Cf. p. 76.)

Our next clubnight Wolfbeats is inspired by tribes who use rapid beating of drums to liberate and or separate body, soul and mind.  It is not only the Native American tribes that use rythms to get into higher states.

Also in ancient Greece trance-inducing techniques like dance and music were used to remove inhibitions and social constraints, liberating the individual to return to a natural state. Intoxication was also a technique by the way, but I prefer to stick to dancing.

Ever since the early editions of no subject’s club nights these deep rythms have been an inspiration. Somewhere along the line we deleted the tagline ‘deep house and more soul’, to allow other streams of music to come along.

But for one last time, we will bring to you some beats to remember. I will dance with my eyes closed at Wolfbeats.

Here is a preview of a record and some of the visuals we will dance to. It’s a 15 minute track, so it’s more like a minimix!

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