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Announcement: no subject goes GRANDE.

<no subject> goes GRANDE. From now on <no subject> is double fun. Fun in the Kring and fun in the ClubUp. We are proud to announce that <no subject> and SPACEGIRLS are now in love. Deep deep love. We will do it with each other every month. And you are invited. RSVP’ing on Facebook means you are on the list for the VIP area.

And who knows LA better than BRET EASTON ELLIS. Enjoy this quote from: A CONVERSATION WITH BRET EASTON ELLIS ABOUT THE GREAT CITY OF LOS ANGELES (thanks to our friends at VICE

//And do they ask you for things?//
> Yeah. It’s Vegas here. It’s a gambler’s town. You come here and the odds are overwhelmingly against you, but you do it anyway. And you know what? I really think that—and I’ve said this before—but I think that LA forces you to become the person you really are. I don’t think LA is a place where you’re allowed to reinvent yourself. It absolutely isn’t. There’s an isolating quality to a life lived out here. I don’t care how many friends you have. I don’t care if you have a relationship. Whatever. It’s just an isolating city. You’re alone a lot. And I think it forces you to become the person you really are. It doesn’t allow you to hide. I think New York is a much easier place to kind of reinvent yourself. In LA, over time, the real person you are ultimately comes out, or else people can’t deal with that and they flee before it happens. But we were talking about meeting people who come out here to make it…
Check Facebook for the lin-up and RSVP’ing there means you are on the list for the VIP area.

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