This article was written on 04 Jul 2011, and is filled under art, exhibition.

Embroidery is the new black?

Among works of my fellow students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy I’d already noticed it: Embroidery art is in.

Stumbling around, I found that Inge Jacobsen embroiders newspapers and magazine covers.

I think contemporary artists are looking for traditional or different techniques to create something new, opposed to ‘fast art’ like using ready mades. It just looks spretty, no concept or idea behind it I guess. It’s nothing more than coloring pictures with stitches.  The embroideries breathe a lot of work.

I really like Daniel Kornrumpf’s portraits though.

So I’m betting we can also find some embroidered works at one of the Graduation Shows at the Rietveld Acdemy. And if not, I would still recommend checking out the exhibitions!

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