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Who was the coolest Dutchman in the early 20′s, even though back then nobody appreciated his ideas and work yet?

Who was so cool that he could design and build an incredible house (for and together with his then still secret lover) with nothing more than a crash course of architecture and no official papers? Just imagine it’s 1924, and then suddenly this building is in your street. 1924…

Who was SO COOL, that in 1964, Advisory Committee for Arts and Crafts suggested to ratify his honorable career with the production of a bust, but resolutely rejected this: “I am not a figure for such thing. Such a head on a pedestal, no not me, for this I am way to too inconsistant, both as a person and in my work. By the way such a piece would survive my work. May I please forget about this request?” (Letter d.d. 03/18/1964).

Who’se the man? Whoooose the man? Read more about him here.

For more Ultmate Coolness, check out <no subject>’s Museum of Coolness at De Kring this Saturday the 6th.

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